Dear St. Andrews

23 Aug

The time has come to say good-bye, to new friends & new places,

I’m gonna cry.

Last night in St. Andrews By The Sea,

I cannot believe this day is in front of me.

Summer days long gone, but now it is time that I must move on.


I have to say that this place is one of a kind;

I know I will be back some time.

The warmth, the kindness, the people here,

made it a place I could stay all year.

If you have never been, you must come to see the sea.

The people are sweet and the beer is cold,

you may even want to stay long and grow old.


If you like golf, adventure, or tall tales,

you must come soon, you might se a whale.

Finbacks, minke, porpoise, and seals;

best not blink or you’ll need to tell a tale.

Swing the links, sit in the sun, drink a rum, oh stop it,

you are having too much fun!


On Thursdays you will see we light up the town,

the DJ is going “boom boom” pow!

There is not a single frown; we are all getting down,

We are all glitzed up or sometimes dressed down,

All in all we rock this town.


The people are what make it what it is,

Vibrant, fun, energetic, outgoing, positive, down to Earth kids.

You and I have had many a fun times,

I know this will not be our last as we are in our prime.

As we would say in our new Maritime ways, it has been a TIME!


Good luck to all who leave or stay, I shall see you again some day.

Far or near, it is easy to keep in touch, that way you wont miss me much! : P

Facebook, Skype, Twitter or a Bike (if anyone is close enough that is)

I will be sure too fill all yas in.


Now I am off to Taiwan for a whole new adventure,

But I wont leave you behind, In my heart I will keep you all the time.

Prom night, Christmas parties (spilly drinks), pool days, and vodka limes.

I ‘for shuuuur’ will see you again and it will be sublime.


With this I say good-bye, once again I am going to cry!

Best of luck in all that you do,

I know what ever it is you all will make it through!


With Love,



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