Final Countdown

7 Dec

Since the family left there really hasn’t been much excitement for me around here. When I returned from Taipei it became crunch time for schoolwork; projects needed to be put together and papers needed to be written. Also due to the fact that I have basically hit most major tourist spots in Taiwan, there really isn’t much let for me to do. I have my final Chinese exam tomorrow and one more project to hand in and then the semester on exchange has come to an end. Two weeks from now I will be en rout to Canada and most likely will still be in tears on the plane over the fact that I have actually just left Taiwan…

Small highlights over the last few weeks included:

Still getting to spend time on the beach knowing it is snowing -16 Celsius back home,

December 6th & I'm on the beach :)

December 6th & I'm on the beach 🙂

Seeing a beautiful wild parrot in the trees on campus, and

Can you see the parrot??

 Simply just spending time with the amazing people that I have met here!

Dancing in the park 🙂

Everyone is off to the Philippines this weekend and I have to admit I am sooo jealous! I really wish that I had came here with a multi-entry VISA instead of single entry as much more travelling could have been done. But I know for a fact that I will be back in Asia so see what I have missed out on!

Over the next two weeks I will start packing up my room and preparing myself to say goodbye to this place. We have a going away party planned and I am sure it will be kicking off a whole week of goodbye celebrations. But for now I’m going to stop thinking about all that sad sappy stuff and get back to studying my Chinese.



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