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CDMR – Bad for Nurses, Bad for Patients

3 Mar

Last Thursday night, I had a Facebook Rant that went a little something like this:

“Thankfully I have the pleasure of living with a nursing student and have been rather informed on the issue of Vancouver Island Health Authority changing the current patient care model on Vancouver Island. Tonight I heard first hand the horror stories from nurses in Nanaimo about how it is affecting the work place and who it is hurting – Do yourself a favour and get informed on the issue, the changes they are making are BAD for nurses and BAD for patients. The plan is to roll out this program at VGH and RJH April 23 and this should not happen. For more information about the CDMR check out BCNU’s website.”

It has been a few days since I was able to attend a Town Hall about the Patient Care Delivery Model Redesign organized by Andrew Weaver, MLA and it is still bothering me. Many members of my community have no idea that this bomb is going to be dropped directly in the middle of the their health care system. Nurses can do the best they can to assist in informing the community of what these changes are going to mean, but I do not think that will be enough.

Contact your MLA, show your support for the BCNU by signing their petition and educate others about the issue.


Further to this Andrew Weaver has just released the notes from this weeks Question Period and he called on the Minister of Health, Terry Lake. The dialogue clearly shows that the Minister is in support of Island Health, which may be the scariest piece of information yet.


Mixed Feelings

16 Dec

Working on my final post from Taiwan

I’ll be uploading it sometime next week

I am so excited to get home but this is the hardest 4 month increment to say goodbye to EVER…

Last night was our ‘Kiss Me I’m Leaving Taiwan’ party & even though we all were having a great time, there were still thoughts hiding in the back of the mind ‘oh no… I’m leaving in 5 days’

Now today I’m a mess, maybe it has something to do with that I’m leaving this behind:

Goodbye Kaohsiung

My Nemesis

1 May

My Nemesis

This week I attempted to use the laundry facilities in my lovely new home, TWICE. There are 3 washers and 3 dryers and there is a $1 charger per cycle. You would assume that each time you did laundry it would cost $2… well not when I do it. So far I have spent a total of $8 on laundry and I find this absolutely ridiculous!

The $$$$ Grabbers

Experience #1

I walked into the dark and dingy room, picked my washing machine on the basis that there was one newer/shinier looking one, got it ready to go, closed the lid as instructed, put my loonie in the slot, pushed it in and nothing happened. Well my experience with coin laundry is fairly limited so I thought maybe I didn’t do it correctly, put another loonie in, pushed a bit harder and once again nothing happened. Well I look behind this love new/shiny machine and it isn’t hooked up to water or power yet… oops. So I unload that machine, pick an older/less shiny machine and it works! Lesson learned (or at least I thought).

The Newer/Shinier One

Experience #2

Walking into the now less dark and dingy room with the confidence of conquering the first laundry day, I was thinking that there was no way the washing machines were beating me this time! Not even thinking about using the newer/shinier machine I walk on over to old faithful, well someone else had their clothes in it and there is no way I am touching other peoples laundry (clean or not). So walking into unchartered territory I now am going to have to try the 3rd machine for the first time. I get everything ready, close the lid, put the loonie in the slot and see a sign that says “push hard and hold for 2 seconds before letting go”. So I push hard, the loonie drops, and no light comes on. UGGHHH! I am so over these laundry machines. I run up to my room, grab yet another loonie, come back to the laundry room and with all my might push this loonie into the damn laundry machine. Light goes on, sounds are being made and I am a happy camper. One hour later I go to turn the load over into the dryer and as I open the washer I find dry clothes. WOW! By this time the other person had finished their laundry so I could go back to old faithful, which I now vow to only use for the rest of the summer.

I know I sound like a big winey suck, but on my day off the last thing I want to be dealing with is crappy laundry machines and spending an unnecessary $4… big whoop I know, but hey that is four cycles of laundry!