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2012 In Review

5 Jan

You may have noticed 1 or 2 things about my blog.

1. This is my first post since January 2012… sad right?

2. There is a new name on the top… excited?


To fill you in on 2012:

Rocked JDC West with Team Gustavson and specifically my HR Team… 2nd Place in our category with Jess Hathaway and Andrew Laycock

Had my last semester of my undergrad degree from Jan-April

Landed a super awesome co-op and lived with a crazy bunch in ‘The Wetherby’

Ran a TONNE and made it through my first ever Half Marathon in Seattle, WA

Represented the Canadian Economy as a Skills Canada Alumni at the APEC Youth Skills Camp in China

Went on a 3 week European adventure

Graduated from The Gustavson School of Business, Bachelor of Commerce program at the University of Victoria

Started my first ‘big-girl’ job in the hospitality industry

Rounded out the year with time well spent at home with family and friends

Now that you are all caught up, let’s get moving forward…