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How to Celebrate a Birthday in St. Andrews

29 Apr

Yesterday I turned 21..YAY ME! You would think that because it is a bit of a milestone I would of had some sort of celebration planned…. but nope. I worked in the morning, so I started to try and plan what was going to be an epic night on the town. If you ever happen to be in St. Andrews for your birthday, let me tell you, this is no easy task. Here are a few things I would suggest doing:

  1. Book a reservation at the restaurant at the hotel
  2. Find someone who has a car, leave & go to one of the nearest towns (St. Stephen, Calais in Maine just across the border in St. Stephen, or St. John)
  3. Hope you are celebrating on a Thursday  *I will explain below*

The reason you would want your celebration to land on a Thursday is because that is the night everyone hits the town, throws on somethin cute (or not) and makes their way to one of the two pubs in town called The Red Herring for “Boom Boom Night”. Here you will find someone who resembles  a DJ at the back end of the pub with the tables cleared and a make shift dance floor to get your groove on. Creative right? This is the highlight of the week for most of the people who will be here this summer and I have to say I can see potential for some fun times. However, currently I think that I would recommend the Fish ‘n’ Chips over “Boom Boom Night”.

We tried to go for dinner at the hotel, but that fell through and we didn’t feel like pub food so to St. Stephen we went. There was a Chinese restaurant that we were going to go to, but when we arrived it was closed for renos (FAIL) and our next best option was Pizza Delight! (EPIC FAIL) Other than the fact that I got to eat for free because it was my birthday and it was a pretty drive to St. Stephen, I wouldn’t recommend doing this. Back to St. Andrews we went, put on our dancing shoes and headed out for our first “Boom Boom Night”. All I have to say is that I am thankful I have already met some pretty great people who made the night fun because the pub was lacking in its boom boom. Apparently it gets a little bit crazy in the peak of the summer, and I have been told that the traditional ‘beer goggles’ are also hazed over with the fog of ‘gonq goggles’ (apparently if you work here for the summer you are called a Gonqer by the locals).

All in all the moral of the story really is, cross your fingers and hope your birthday falls in the middle of the summer if you are in St. Andrews.

Oh and there is one last thing… celebrating days like your birthday away from friends and family also helps you realize all of the loving amazing people you have in your life. The birthday wishes, phone calls, e-mails, goofy/sentimental songs and plastic Happy Birthday crowns really do make a girl feel special.