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Catching Up

12 Jul

I have been M.I.A. lately with the blog, and I apologize, but there really hasn’t been much new happening. Since my last entry there have been a few momentous occasions, and for some reason I never have my camera to document them.

Fairmont Float in Canada Day Parade

Fairmont Float in Canada Day Parade


Canada Day in St. Andrews was definitely entertaining. Main street is closed off, the regular market is ‘supersized’, there is a parade, cake cutting at the hotel, fireworks (that could rival major cities across Canada), and celebrations that continue into the night. It also kicks off the start of the busy summer season, and I can say the town and the hotel have thawed from the winter months and come to life as much as the flowers that line the streets in town. I had the day off, so I volunteered my time to help out with the face-painting booth, raising money for a charity going towards a local memorial scholarship. We were taking donations for the face painting and giving out ice-cold jumbo freezies. In total we raised over $400, not to bad for a day of fun in the sun.

Bikes Lining the Streets of St. A

Bikes Lining the Streets of St. A

More recently this past weekend St. Andrews was home to the annual Atlanticade Festival. Brining 100s of bikers from across North America to come and join in on the festivities. For five days there were beer gardens, live entertainment, show and shines, and anything else that comes along with a biker festival. Personally, I am not a big fan of motorcycles, not too sure why, but they are just not my cup of tea. I have never been on one, so I am basing my stigma around them on something I have never tried before. Someday, I will find someone who I trust my life with and I will go for a ride, but until then I will stay scared of the beautiful noisy machines.

Pool Day

Pool Day

The rest of my time lately has been preoccupied by sunny days at the pool and working lots. I am starting to realize that the summer is basically half over for myself. One month and a couple weeks and I will be finishing up here and making my way back to Victoria to pack for my exchange semester to Taiwan (which my VISA just arrived for yesterday!!). Reading my Lonely Planet Travel Guide for Taiwan just gets me more and more excited. So far my lists of things to do while I am there include:

–       Sun Moon Lake

–       Night Markets In Taipei

–       Snorkel Penghu Island

–       Drink lots of really good TEA

–       Surf in Kenting National Park


Now I am getting quite ahead of myself as I still have time here in New Brunswick, where there is also a list of things I really would like to do here as well:

–       Visit Hopewell Rocks

–       Swim in the Bay of Fundy

–       Eat a lobster

–       Hike and swim at Chamcook Mountain and Lake

–       Go to Boston (maybe)

–       Whale watching

–       Trip to PEI or Nova Scotia


The majority of these things I will be able to achieve with a few friends and when family comes to visit. Boston is a big one, and I would LOVE to go see a Red Socks game!

With my time here already flying by I am going to be a little more aggressive with planning all of these things! I know that there is so much more of the East Coast left to explore and will have to come back someday to tour it all. I am very excited to see what I can achieve in the next few weeks, and even more excited to know that visits from friends and family are soon to come!

ps. I am reading a really great book right now that is called ‘What Casanova Told Me’ by Susan Swan, much of the book is about travel and new adventures. In this book he lists his 10 Principles of Travel. Here are a couple quotes that I absolutely love:


“3. Travelling is like breathing, so exhale the old, inhale the new and allow your heartbreak to fall away behind you.”

“4. What you desire always awaits you if you are brave enough to recognize it.”

“9. Your journey is not over until you bestow  a gift on the lands you have visited, knowing full well that you will never be able repay  half the riches they bestow on you.”



Town Wide Yard Sale

16 May

Every year the town of St. Andrews gears up for the town wide yard sale, by 9 am there is a hustle and a bustle of people from the community and surrounding areas. In order to even have a chance at finding something good, we hit the streets with the rest of the eager beavers at 9 am. Our first stop was the basement of the Algonquin as they have lots of treasures in the basement that would be great for anyone that is looking for old pots and pans, TV cases, RCA TV’s for $2, dining room chairs, the list goes on and on. From there we wandered the streets looking for streets with lots of cars, giving us the signal that a yard sale was close by. All of this walking is when I discovered that I had made a crucial mistake, I wore the wrong shoes, flip flops were a bad choice… but I kept on trucking along, eager to find the next great thing.

Meandering through the town each home had something different to offer, many had toys and old Disney VCR Movies, and others had vinyl records and books that had been read many times over. The local library had an open door with a sign saying ‘books for sale by donation’. I love a good read, and I have plenty of time on my hands to enjoy a few good books this summer. I make my way into the basement to find various romance, mystery, science fiction, and alphabetized classic novels all for the taking. I find three that looked like they should be interesting, look on the back to see that in total they would have been worth about $50. At the register the lady thanked me for coming in and told me to give what ever I felt like, I handed her a $5 and her jaw almost hit the floor. I laughed and told her that it was totally fine as I thought that paying the $5 was a great deal. She physically would not let me leave until she gave me $3 back – I just got three books for $2 and may have discovered a newfound passion for yard sales!

The next stop was the parish office of one of the local churches where there was coffee/cookies/more stuff to try and get for a good deal. Purchase number two was a $0.50 power bar that I can use in my room. There is only one really awkwardly placed outlet for two girls with cell phones/laptops/flat irons/etc… it will be very handy!

Finally we arrived at Water Street (the main street) where many local businesses had set out tables of merchandise or yard sale stuff too. Scotiabank had a table of yard sale stuff that was also for sale by donation and all of the proceeds were to be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society. My third and final purchase was here. This one was kind of goofy and unnecessary but everyone in the house will get to use it. When we celebrated my birthday I had to wear a silly crown and from now on we have a birthday cake hat. After my donation of $5 we now have a hat for birthday parties for the rest of the summer. Some people who are not even celebrating birthdays while they are here want to wear it out to the bar just because it’s so awesome – hah!

I came home with 3 books, 1 power bar, and 1 crazy birthday hat – total cost $7.50

The Goods