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Temples, Turtles & Trekking

30 Sep

Last weekend I participated in a school planned trip to PenBay and Little Liuchiu Island. There was not so much of a defined ternary, but we did know a few things in advance:

–       we were going to see a temple

–       we were going to get on a boat & go to Little Liuchiu Island

–       we were going to snorkel & sea kayak

–       we were going to PenBay Leisure center to wind surf & enjoy the beach

Golden Gates to the Donglong Temple

Well I have to say I appreciated the offer of the trip from the exchange office and it looked like it would be a great trip, 3500NT ($110 CDN) for all transportation, accommodation, and food. Sadly, there was a very low level of organization and leadership which resulted in much wasted time. All in all I think we spent a total of 7+ hours WAITING for things to happen, people to tell us where to go, or buses/boats to arrive.

Turtle Jelly - Photo by Marga R. Martinez Rubio

Though the trip was a bit of an epic failure, we did manage to pull together and enjoy ourselves! The stop at the temple was very interesting, as we were waiting to go to our next stop; there were some shops for us to try local food and drinks. Well I was with a group of people who were introduced to the ancient Chinese Medicine turtle jelly… yes I ate turtle (but it is supposed to have amazing healing powers and be good for your digestion, put some honey on top and it didn’t taste too bad either.)

Arriving at the island much later then anticipated resulted in limited time for snorkeling, but I figured it would still be a great experience so I went with the other few exchange students who thought so as well. I am so glad that I decided to still go, the snorkeling was great, and we even swam with a HUGE sea turtle for the longest time. I know you are thinking it, so I will just put it out there: yes, I ate turtle and swam with a turtle all in the same day, and yes it was a bit of a strange feeling.

Seafood on the BBQ

The rest of the evening was filled with a great outdoor BBQ at our hotel, buying out most of the booze from the 7-11, and then another late night run for more drinks, as we had highly underestimated the drinking abilities of many exchange students from France, Mexico, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Holland, and last but not least Canada!

I have to say it was a little difficult to get up for the 8:00AM departure for breakfast and touring the island. My head hurt a little bit and we began our day by

hiking the coral rocks, being yelled at by our tour guide, who might I add was Chinese speaking, I learned so much :S  The island was very beautiful, but I have a feeling if we had rented scooters and toured it on our own it would of taken half the time.

Back on the boat we go hoping for an afternoon at the PenBay Leisure centre, but at this point we are hearing rumors that there is no beach/windsurfing. Great… we arrive to find out that we are actually going on a bike tour to the PenBay Leisure center, but when we get there swimming is forbidden and no wind surfing allowed, we will have one hour to look around, and then back on the bus so we go home. Ok then.The bike ride turned out to be really fun and was a nice way to finish the day. We also had another tour guide here, but this time she could speak English, and I am so glad she could, because she was hilarious. Lines repeated over and over during our bike ride included:

“Drive as SLOWWWLY as possible!!”

Forbidden Swimming Beach at Dapeng Bay

“One by one!! One by one!!”

I’m guessing the racing we were doing and riding in pairs caused the repetitiveness of these statements, but it was pretty funny!

Nothing is planned for this weekend, maybe some museums or park tours tomorrow? But the typhoon that is near by is causing some strange weather, so we will see tomorrow. Next weekend I am planning on going to Hong Kong with a group of about 10 people. This will also include a day trip to Macau and I am currently contemplating doing the World’s tallest bungee jump with a free fall over 6 seconds long!