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‘Making It’ in 2013

5 Jan

You may see this and think 100% about career… personally though, I must tell you that has little to nothing to do with career. To me, ‘making it’ it achieving success in your every day life, enjoying all of the small wins that turn into major successes. In the last year I have realized that success ultimately lies in the little things you do to make your life better, in turn these little things will cause pretty awesome things to happen. Not saying you don’t need to put in any significant efforts, just that if you are consistently doing little things for good, big things, real great big things start to happen.

So for 2013 these are things I am going to be consistently working on and ‘making it’ happen in my everyday life

Healthy Mind: Just because I am no longer a student doesn’t mean I have to stop learning. Continuous learning is so important to me. Achieve this by:

  • Read More Books
  • Meet with Mentors
  • Stay Up to Date on World Events
  • Keep this blog up to date… no more year leave of absences

Healthy Body: 1 Half Marathon Down and now 1 (Maybe 2) More to Go. Focus on:

  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Drink Water (Lotsa Water)
  • Stick to the running plan
  • Get creative with the cross-training (Already signed up for a boxing bootcamp)
  • Physio/Massage Regularly

Healthy Soul: Everyone has to hit the reset button on occasion. You will find me:

  • With Family
  • Travelling
  • Reuniting with friends from Exchange
  • Disregarding all of the people so concerned about my current relationship status… that is my business and believe me, if he is important enough and you are important enough, trust me, I will tell you about him, so until then… leave it be. Thank you 🙂

I have to say that 2012 was an exceptional year and I have no doubt 2013 will be just as amazing, if not more. I may not be living abroad for 4 months at a time, but I really feel that this time of my life is just as exciting as a new adventure abroad. So buckle in and join me for the ride as I keep moving forward in to the new year!


Run Baby Bun!

26 Jan

Recently motivated by a dear friend (Jillian Walker) I have decided to run a half marathon this year with her in June. She had posted a blog in December and at first glance, I thought the idea was bonkers, nuts, but at the same time really cool. Just jokingly I said that I would come to cheer her across the finish line and be her biggest fan, she then suggested I be the one who struggles through it with her. Hmmm….

Upon my return from Taiwan I was trying to decide what I was going to do to keep active. In Kaohsiung I walked everywhere, my dorm was 231 stairs up a mountain from my classes (usually walked them 3 times a day), and throughout the semester I tried to fit yoga, swimming, or running into my daily life. It was the most active I had been in a long time and it felt great!

…. So this week I have officially started my training program to join Jill on her running adventure 🙂 One 8km, two 10km, and a fake trial of about 15km before the big run at the Seattle Rock n Roll half marathon in June. Training program #1 is to get me up to speed for an 8km race, after the 8km race training program #2 will commence to kick my ass into gear for the half marathon.

Here are the programs that I’m planning on following, friends keep me on track & any runners out there feel free to suggest or recommend others you like better! Feel free to comment on any other tips I should be aware of as a first time runner 😀 Suggestions for tone/flex days and cross training days are welcome as well!

Harry’s Run-Off 8km Training Program

Scotiabank Half Marathon Training Program

All of our races are listed in Jill’s blog from above. Fans with posters, cowbells, and wine for after the races are highly encouraged to cheer us on along the way! I’ll keep an update of how the preliminary races go, Jill has already done a 5km and ran her personal best (with limited training)… so I know we are going to kill it when we head to Seattle!

Wish Me Luck ❤