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Welcome to Taiwan

9 Sep

Well, I have survived the first week here and I might even be starting to get used to the heat. You could say that I have become acquainted with some of Kaohsiung city and I am able to navigate the MRT (subway system). Luckily there are many people here who are willing to help you learn, if they have been here for two years or two days every one is really great about sharing advice. We are all in the same scenario or they have been in the same situation at one point or another so it is really good to know you have people who are so willing to help. It is all about good karma, so when new people arrived after me I was there to help them out as well.

In order to get to know the city better I feel that I just need to get out there and do things! So far I have seen only a couple places and gone to eat at a few different restaurants, but the city is full of life and there will be much to preoccupy my time with this semester (between classes and studying of course 😛 ). Prior to coming here everyone kept telling me that I was going to love the food, the people and the beauty of the country… well this was all extremely true. Here are a few pictures for you to see what I mean:

The first weekend here my exchange buddy took me to Cijin Island

Trying new food with my buddy's friend… yum yum!

Shaved ice with mixed fruit topping

Inside Famosa Boulevard MRT Station - 'Tunnel of Light'

The NSYSU campus is so beautiful

On the Taiwan tourism website, they say Taiwan is the ‘Heart of Asia’ and I totally agree with this, not because of the location but because of the kindness of the local people, they have beautiful hearts! On my first trip into the city from the school I was walking around a busy street with a few other exchange students trying to decide what food to try from the vendors. We clearly stood out in the crowd and a Taiwanese high school aged student walking with friends comes up to us smiles big and in English says, “Welcome to Taiwan” then walked away. This really touched my heart  ❤


Departures & Arrivals

1 Sep

Sooke Pot Holes

Over the past few weeks I have been saying my good byes, from New Brunswick to Victoria and friends/family scattered in between. I was fortunate enough to have my Dad visit me in Victoria right before I left to help get me and my stuff to the airport and send me away. In the days before hand we were total tourists, enjoyed island adventures to the Sooke Pot Holes and as well as China Beach on the Juan De Fuca Trail. Canada just ceases to amaze me, just look at the picture; made me sad to say goodbye but I have more to look forward to when I come home! See ya in 4 months Canada 😀

So tired & attractive, right?!

YAY I have arrived in Taiwan!!!! My forehead is glistening (aka. Dripping sweat) and I am hauling my luggage up to the second level of the third floor in the International Residence building. It is dark out, smells like a jungle, and I am exhausted. All I want to do is crash in a big soft bed, not going to happen.

I am now almost settled in my room in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. I knew arriving here that the room would be furnished, but have no mattress or pillow and I arrived late in the evening, so there was no way for me to get them last night. My sleeping arrangement last night was my blanket made into a pillow, my mattress cover under me and my top sheet sprawled around me as it was way too hot and sticky to even bother. Woke up once, woke up twice, woke up way too many times… but I knew from my trip to Australia that the best way to beat jet-leg was to get up early and get busy, so by 7:30 AM I had enough of tossing and turning and felt it was time to get on with my day.

Items that I was determined to find by the end of today:

–       mattress or something that resembled one

–       pillow

–       how the hell to turn on the AC in my room (the remote is in Mandarin)

–       if I am feeling hungry, maybe a bite to eat

–       internet cord

–       cell phone (not in a hurry to get one, but will need eventually)

Made my way with a spring in my step to cross all of these items off my list. The spring in my step mainly coming from the fact that the residence building is on the top of Shou Mountain and the National Sun Yat-Sen University (NSYSU) campus is on the bottom (not particularly fun walking back up in +32 sticky/sweatyness, but I will learn to deal with it, mainly because we have beautiful views of Hsitzewan Beach as you can see in the picture).

View from my floor!

First I found a Family Mart (convenience store), International Exchange Office where they told me how to get an internet cord, and upon returning to residence a friend who could speak Mandarin and help me to get a mattress, translate my remote so I can get my AC turned on, and directions to a store where I can get a pillow! Life is good 🙂

With my new friend and map in hand we made our way to find a store that I only had the Chinese name of and no idea where it was. She had heard of if but turns out she does not have a very good sense of direction. So we found someone who could give us directions in Mandarin, she would translate to English, and I would get us there. After this outing we have decided that I am going to teach her how to get around campus and she is going to help me learn Mandarin!

The Mandarin instructions I had taken down, surprisingly people could actually read it!

I basically was able to get everything that I needed, except a cell phone, but that can wait. I have pictures up and my dorm is starting to feel like home. I currently have no room mate, but over the next week they may be moving in. Here are some pictures of my room, and yes I can see the water from my window!

Desk area 🙂

My bed last night 😦

My bed after today 🙂